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Info for this weekend - Josey Merit Badge Jamboree

posted Apr 30, 2014, 1:18 PM by Natalie Outlaw
Last night some of the boys did not know what prerequisites there might be for the classes they are taking this weekend. Please check the list below or the document previously emailed to see if your scout's merit badge(s) has prerequisites.  If he does not get prerequisites done before this weekend he will not get his badge finished and will have to find a merit badge counselor for that badge in order to get it finished later. FYI, you can find a list of merit badge counselors in our troop on our troop website on the Forms/Downloads page.

Don't forget about the drop-off badges they can complete:  American Heritage, Collections, Genealogy, Reading and Scholarship.  Instructions for completing these can be found here:

The scouts need to be at the American Legion by 6:00 this Friday in order to depart promptly at 6:30.  They need to have eaten dinner.  

Scouts Attending:Merit BadgePrereq (Must bring)Merit BadgePrereq (Must bring)
Dylan B.




DarianGame Designnone

Hunter H.

MartinCitizenship in the Nation2d, 3, 6, 8


BlakeCitizenship in the Community3,7 (map of your community)Geocachingnone
Dylan O.
Photography & Moviemakingnone (camera, power cord, USB 
download cord, flash drive)



GavinFingerprintingnoneCrime Prevention2, 4
NigelCitizenship in the Nation2d, 3, 6, 8