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Issues with Yahoo emails

posted Apr 17, 2014, 1:48 PM by Natalie Outlaw
If you use Yahoo email please read.  Others can disregard.

Yahoo recently made changes to the way their emails work.  You can no longer send to group email lists from a Yahoo account or some folks on the list will not get the emails.  This has happened with our troop email list.  Someone sent to the group list with a Yahoo email and not all in the group received it, mostly Yahoo users.

I have also been told by one Yahoo user that they are also no longer receiving emails I've sent to the group from a Gmail account. So Yahoo users might want to consider using a different email account for our group.  If you don't want to set up another email account then you will need to check the Troop's Facebook page or website frequently.  I will start posting all announcements made through email to both of those as well. 

This is a change that Yahoo made and will not only affect our group but any other email groups that you belong to.

Do not send to the troop list from a Yahoo email account.  If that's all you have and you don't want to set up another email account I can send to the group for you.

I sent 4 emails other than this one this week if you want to check if you're receiving all emails from the troop.